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Antique Shipping in New Castle, DE

Trust Your Next Antique Shipment To The Experts

Grandma’s sewing table, a 200 year-old coo-coo clock, an original Gutenberg Bible, a Ming Dynasty vase, you get it—OLD stuff otherwise called antiques. Most of us need to ship antiques sometime in our lives, but if you don’t know the tricks behind antique shipping, it can be a disaster.

Did you know that anything shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL or the US Postal Service must be packed well enough to sustain a 4-foot drop without breaking?

The staff at The Mail Box Store of New Castle are expertly trained in all aspects of packaging, and we specialize in packing and shipping antique items. We have all box sizes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape, and other tools and materials that allow us to pack and ship your antiques to withstand any abuse the carriers might ‘throw’ at them. And if we pack it for you, we guarantee it for insurability.

For packing and shipping antiques in New Castle, DE, visit the experts at The Mail Box Store of New Castle.


What you need for a Estimate: 

Please know that all estimates are based on the information required and are subject to change once actual values are available. In order to create an accurate estimate we need the following information: 

  • Full Delivery Address (Street Address, City/Suburb, State/Providence, Postal Code, Country)
  • Dimensions of Item (Length x Width x Height)
  • Estmated Weight of Item
  • Breif Description of Item 
  • Is the item Fraglie? (Yes or No)
  • What is the Value of the item (Insurance)
  • Desired Speed of Delivery

We also offer local pick up services for auction winnings. If you have would like us to also pick up your item please be sure to include the pick up address for the item! Some of the local Auctions we commonly pick up from:

You can email this information to us at

Have A Question About Antique Shipping?

For more information on our antique shipping services, call us at 302.991.0121 or send us a message to request a quote.

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